Top 5 Most Expensive Headphones in The World

1. Sennheiser HD 800 S reference

Priced just under $ 55,000, the Sennheiser Orpheus HE 1060 is probably a definite headphone. The best thing about having these headphones is the fact that it is an electrostatic combination. This means that when you buy the headphones in addition to a unit that consists of the preamp and the Poweramp. To be honest, the amplifier unit, which is saturated with extravagance, is really made of marble.

Although this is not enough, the valves and handles are fully mechanized so that they rise in pairs as the unit is turned on. To the extent that the audio quality goes, it is sufficient to indicate entering into this eventual flawlessness. Sennheiser himself claims that this model can replicate frequencies beyond human hearing, which in practice means that the most expensive headphones have an audio precision that does not displease and pays little attention to what volume they deliver.

2. Ultrasone Edition 5

The Ultrasone Edition 5 costs between $ 5,000 and $ 4,700 for a legitimate reason; it makes a spatial impression for the listening knowledge, which is almost unprecedented in another headphone. Above all, audiophiles and connoisseurs have spoken out in favor of the tubular sound transducer, which makes this spatial quality effective for the device. Among the piles of other specialized subtle elements that craft each of these pieces, the lowland oak wood used is exceptional to this model.

Swamp Oaks are exquisite old trees, which means that each of the most expensive headphones created and limited in number is exceptional and outstanding in every way. Also in the Ultrasone Edition 5, the ear cushions are edged in fine cowhide, which guarantees the high wearing comfort of the headsets.

3. Abyss AB-1266

The Abyss AB-1266, which costs around $ 4,500, is a unique, attractive headset; One of their biggest highlights is that they have an attractive structure that conveys the most seductive listening.

Without paying attention to many specific details, customers have unanimously confirmed that this is one of the finest headphones they’ve ever purchased – which basically means skipping the music, which is created by the precision in progression and the exact bass can do. Honestly, specialists prescribe these headphones to both connoisseurs and experts.

4. Grado PS1000

With an unbelievable price of $ 4,000, the Grado PS1000 is a hallmark of Grado’s “Expert Series”. With a mix of wood and metal composite for its earphones, the last listening knowledge that these headphones produce is surprisingly unique and distinctive. However, this is probably one of only a few headphones on this rundown that is expected to be used at home just because it has an open-back design, which means that it does not obliterate outside sound and should be in a perfect world Headphones can be used for indoor purposes.

In the ear cases, foam padding is used, which takes into account a pleasant and shaped hearing against the ear. Notwithstanding its bulky structure, strangely enough, due to its foam padding, the open back design and a sharp metal rod that can change itself and pivot 360 degrees, depending on your evolution – ensuring that this unit can be worn for a second for a considerable amount of time without to encounter inconvenience.

5. Ultrasone Edition 10

If you spend about $ 3,500 and get your hands on the Ultrasone Edition 10, you will agree to be one of the most stylish technological parts in the industry. The main thing that stands out on this headphone is the exquisite wood etched trim designed on the earpieces. The design is guaranteed animated by butterfly wings, and this piece looks far away from another contemporary metal design, though it looks much more expensive than it really is!

Terrifying is that its appearance is misleading, the unit is actually very light and with the cowhide upholstery on the earpieces – they look great and have not caused any discomfort to a customer, even after they have worn them together for a considerable amount of time. Also in this piece, Ultrasone uses its driving Si-technology to bring the rider into a position that is more forward and down (over the ear of the listener) than on the inside. Expert swill agree that this trap refreshes the image and thus the listening comprehension even more.

For the rest of us mortals.. there are plenty of amazing quality headphones under $100 and also decent quality headphones under $50.