How to play as the Night Hunter from Dying Light

Dying Light, the acclaimed survival horror video game, has spawned several downloadable content packs since its release in 2015. The game was developed by a Polish video game maker Techland and has since developed quite a following. Its open world, set in the city of Harran, is the perfect environment for running away from and booby-trapping zombies. The main plot is explained in singleplayer mode but you can also switch to multiplayer and play with others. Completing multiplayer campaigns will give you additional experience and items.

Be the Zombie DLC

‘Be the Zombie’ is a DLC that contains one additional multi-player mode that allows you to play as one of the zombies. And it’s not just any zombie. You get to become the strongest type of zombie, the so-called Night Hunter.

When in the multiplayer mode from the Be the Zombie DLC, up to four players are assigned the role of the survivors and their task is to overpower the Night Hunter. One player acts as the Night Hunter aiming to kill every survivor. All players spawn on the map in random places at the start of each round.

Night Hunter

The Dying Light Night Hunter is a fully developed character with its own skill tree. It is difficult to kill as it has almost none known weaknesses, the only one being UV light. That’s why the Be the Zombie mode always automatically starts at nighttime. When you are playing as one of the survivors, the best strategy is to shine your flashlight whenever the Night Hunter gets real. While illuminated, its stamina depletes and it becomes unable to pounce. Be careful, though, as it can use a UV block skill.

Playing as Night Hunter

But how to defeat the surviving players if you are the one playing as the Night Hunter? The Dying Light Night Hunter is the strongest zombie out there and it can use a lot of unique abilities to track and kill the survivors.

Its howl ability acts like a survivor sense and reveals the location of all the players on the map. The Night Hunter can also pounce on a player and when successful, kill them almost instantly. Strong tendrils allow it to traverse great distances at extreme speeds.

Besides pounce, one of its most dangerous abilities is spit. Leveling up and upgrading the skill tree will make it able to use four projectiles of different specifications, such as Toxic Spit or UV Suppressor Spit. Mastering these abilities is the key to winning as the Night Hunter in Dying Light.

Remember that UV light can make the Night Hunter very weak. For best results, it is best to kill the survivors before they even have a chance to notice you. Whenever you can, try attacking them from above.

Playing as one of the zombies is a great way to break away from the routine. Every regular player should give it a try to see how the game looks from the enemy’s point of view. This specific multiplayer mode only comes with the Be the Zombie DLC but you know what’s the best thing about it? It’s absolutely free to download.