Essential guitar effect pedals you MUST know

Guitars are some of the most versatile instruments you can find and learn how to play. Unlike other instruments, guitars can be tuned in many different ways, from an overall tune to get that characteristic guitar sound to completely eclectic combinations in which each string is tuned differently. Apart from the inherent qualities of the instrument, there are also other ways in which players can alter the sound output that they produce. One of the most common ways to achieve this with guitars is by using effect units. Guitar pedals are the most common units used for the instrument, and there are many different kinds. Here we will tell you all about the types of pedals you need to know if you are a guitar player.

Distortion pedal

The first pedal on this list is one of the most common: the distortion pedal. Probably you can infer what this unit does just by reading its name, but in case you don’t, the distortion pedal effectively modifies or distorts the sound of your guitar to the point where it sounds louder and holds notes longer. There are many different types of distortion pedals, but the ones you would instantly recognize are the ones that make your guitar sound more “aggressive”.

Chorus pedal

Best chorus pedals, on the other hand, are a different type of effect unit that is also quite popular among guitar players. The effect that these units give is different from distortion pedals. While it produces a distorted output in its own right, the defining quality of it is that the sound reverberates in a way that resembles several guitars playing at once.

Wah pedal

Much like the distortion pedal, the wah pedal is self-evident in its name and it does pretty much what you think it does. The name comes from the effect that resembles a cry, a “wah” sound that is very characteristic in many songs. The wah pedal is very much a pedal and the length of the sustained distortion of the sound depends on how quickly you press and release the pedal. For more, check these wah pedals.

Reverb pedal

Similar to the chorus pedal, the reverb pedal gives out an effect that makes your guitar sound like you’re playing in a large and empty room. The acoustics are enhanced by a lot and this creates an iconic echo effect that is really cool and gives you some added depth when you use it. Most modern reverb pedals can give you that extra amplified sound that just sounds powerful and will sound even better at a large venue.

Overdrive pedal

Lastly, the overdrive pedal is kind of like a distortion pedal, except that it creates its signature effect by pushing the input signal to the limit and releasing the output sound as if it were about to break the amplifier. In fact, that is precisely the sound effect it is supposed to create. These units are inspired by the effect that naturally occurs when you just give it your all when playing the guitar and your amp just can’t take it anymore. Of course, the benefit of overdrive pedals is that they don’t actually push your equipment to dangerous limits.

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