Electric Or Gas Powered Chainsaws – Which is Best For You?

You have two options when choosing a saw, gas, or electric power. Your choice depends on your circumstances, the jobs you have to do and of course your preferences.

When choosing between an electric powered saw or gas, think about where you live and your landscape. Do you live in a city with just a couple of small trees on your property? Maybe it would be better for you to buy an electric saw. However, if you live in a country and you are surrounded by trees, you are likely to have large branches on the ground after a storm and they will be further away from home.

When buying an electric chainsaw, you should always keep in mind where you will get your power from. You will be restricted by taking out no more than 100 feet from your power source, so if you live on three acres, you will not make it.

Think about the jobs you’ll do. Will you do your heavy-duty to cut off large branches? Are you looking for something to help trim the trees in your home yard? These are the questions that will help you determine the right saw for you.

Both types of saws have their advantages and disadvantages. If you are smaller in stature, you may consider getting an electric saw. It will be much lighter and more manageable. You also will not worry about dragging the gas around and getting the right gas/oil ratio. On the other hand, you will only have to worry about not cutting the cord.

Pros and Cons

The use of electric saws offers numerous merits compared to the use of a gasoline saw. The main advantage of working with electric saws versus gasoline is the low risk of recoil, a life-threatening risk situation occurs when the saw bar bounces back towards saw’s bar jerks back toward the user.

The electric saw requires less power compared to the gasoline saw and thus has minimal chances of leading to a kickback. Secondly, the use of these devices obviates the trouble of waiting for the engine to cool (as in a gasoline saw) to refuel. These electric saws are easy to use and they bring about minimal noise compared to gasoline saws. This latter quality makes it ideal for use in quiet neighborhoods. Finally, they can be stored more easily than a gasoline saw, which requires a discharge of oil before being stored.

Disadvantages of electric saws

Working with electricity also has some disadvantages or limitations. The main constraint is that of the power. Compared with the more powerful gasoline saws with two-cycle engines, they use much less power. Hence, they are not very useful in cutting heavy loads and equipped with a much smaller cut bar.

Another limitation is that the length of the cord determines the transmission of the saw motor and it is not possible for it to be used away from its source of power. Finally, these saws are designed to provide total safety, making it difficult for the user to adjust the saw parts.

No matter what type of saws you decide in the end, you should make sure to use the safety equipment every time you use your saw.

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